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E. Tomas Barraza Dissertation

Please enjoy the fruit of my labor! Would love to answer any questions about the work. Tomas Foundational Studies of the Deposition of Metal-Halide Perovskite Thin Films by Resonant Infrared, Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation.

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Spoiled for CHOISE

Last week we had the pleasure of having the first annual conference for our newest research collaborators here at Duke. The Center for Hybrid Organic Inorganic Semiconductors for energy (CHOISE) comprises researchers from the National Renewable Energy Lab and universities like Stanford, University of Chicago, and UNC-Chapel Hill, and centers around research in the world of hybrid metal-halide perovskite materials. It was a great opportunity to meet all of the…

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Desert Science – MRS Spring 2019

The Materials Research Society’s Spring 2019 meeting was held this past week in Phoenix and I got to make my first trip out to the Arizona desert! I presented my talk “Concentration and Precursor Delivery Effects on Hybrid Perovskites Deposited by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation” and meet lots of great people over my time there. I got to cap off my stay there with a visit to the…

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Preliminary Success

I stood before my committee an defended my research once again, this time for my Preliminary Exam (Thesis Proposal). I’m glad to report back from the other side with the committee’s approval of my progress and proposed studies. I passed and can now be considered a candidate for the PhD degree!

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Hiking ‘The Hill’ – Science Outside The Lab 2018

The latest edition of the Science Outside the Lab program sponsored by the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure, “Nanotechnology and Policy,” recently happened in Washington DC and I got to take part! The week-long program focused on exposing graduate students working in the field of nanotechnology to policymakers and public servants in the DC area.

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Let There Be (Some) Light

Take a look (squint) at what success towards making an LED looks like! Look for some stray rays of green light shining from my latest device before the whole thing dies after a few seconds of life…

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Qualified for the Degree!

I’ve successfully presented and defended my research in from of my Qualifying Exam committee and passed! I was one of the last to stand for their exam this semester and got a comment from one of my committee members that this was one of the best presentation they’d seen so far. Worth the effort!

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I’m Peer Reviewed

The journal article I wrote based on the work I presented at last year’s Electronic Materials Conference was recently peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Electronic Materials. Going through the writing, editing, and review process for the first time was incredibly exciting! It feels great to know that my research output can now be accessed by anyone that wishes to see my contributions to the field.

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Science at the Big Easy – APS March 2017

This past week I got the chance to present at my first scientific conference! The American Physical Society’s March Meeting was held in New Orleans this year and hosted a variety of seminars, courses, and demonstrations.