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Science at the Big Easy – APS March 2017

This past week I got the chance to present at my first scientific conference! The American Physical Society’s March Meeting was held in New Orleans this year and hosted a variety of seminars, courses, and demonstrations.

My talk titled “Exploration of Solvent Effects On Morphology of Polyaniline & Other Polymer Films Deposited Through RIR-MAPLE” focused on the first study I completed while doing my graduate studies at Duke.

I also had the chance to participate in a short course led by Dr. Rodney Priestley from Princeton. Focused on colloid chemistry, the course introduced me to a completely new field with very interesting applications in materials.

In the blur of the past week I forgot to take many pictures, so here is one of the bayou-fresh oysters I got to enjoy! I had a ton of fun and hope to find myself at the next March Meeting next year!


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